Antigraffiti Especial

Special Antigraffiti - Long Duration

  • For outdoor use

A unique, single component, colorlessly drying agent based on synthetic organosilicon polymers, applicable for surface protection against graffiti, with a strong protective, anti-adhesive function, which makes it difficult or even impossible to stick posters, stickers, and adhesive tapes. The agent is fast drying, cures under the influence of moisture contained in the air and has good adhesive qualities. The treated surface is ideally protected against aerosol graffiti paints and most commercially available markers, ink, bird droppings, dirt, acid rain, moist, chewing gum, posters, stickers and glue. On its application, the product constitutes a release liner which prevents paints/pigments/glues from penetrating into the foundation and reduces their adhesiveness by forming easily removable concentrations. This is a product with preservative properties and UV filters thanks to which it preserves the colour of the protected surface. It enables diffusion. It prevents water and hazardous substances from penetrating into the surface. Texture of protected surfaces is maintained.

Liters 1 L 5 L
Unit Price 70€ 325€