HMK P324 Liquid Stone Soap - no rinse

(Previous designation: HMK P24 Liquid Stone Soap -no rinse-)

  • For outdoor use
  • For indoor use
  • Suitable for bathrooms and wet areas
  • Contained products are biodegradable

P324 is a mild concentrated natural soap for daily use. The highly active ingredients quickly and thoroughly clean and maintain all natural and artificial stones, brick paving, clay tiles and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. Its natural protective components support the colour and structure of the surface. P324 has been specially developed to enhance the appearance of walls and floors in all natural and artificial stones. If used regularly, treated surfaces increase their resistance to stains as P324 forms an invisible dirt repellent film that helps to support existing impregnation, making regular maintenance easier. The water soluble components prevent streaking and restrict the build up of soap residue.

Liters 1 L 5 L
Unit Price 15€ 65€